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€ 29k my Success story
Hey ,

I don't have the best writing skills but I will try to write it in an interesting way.
I wanted to share  my success story :

I thought succeeding in affiliate marketing would be easy  and I failed early on.
I lost money every day for the first 2 weeks (lost over €2,300).
I was panicked and ready to quit.
I tested a new offer and suddenly found "success" and was finally making money ... and then I almost quit in September. The offer was great and my ROI was fantastic but the network I was generating them for was less than honest. I had earned € 6,300 in 3 weeks (€ 3,200 profit from September to the 1st week of October) only to learn the network I was promoting leads for would not pay for the leads until a certain% of leads made purchases. This was not something I was told upfront and only found out when I inquired about a payout date. I didn't like the idea of ​​putting my ad on the mercy of their email marketing and remarketing campaigns and capabilities to convert their free signups so I stopped promoting the offer. It had been up to that point the only offer that had worked for me and now I wasn't even going to get paid for my efforts (I finally got paid for those leads last week ...
Over 3 months after they were generated) .
I had no offers to promote and almost no hope when I decided to give it one last shot before returning to the work force (I had initially given myself 60 days to earn at least 5k per month in profit or return to work but I was ready to give up after that last setback). Within a day or 2 I had found a new offer and network to promote for, had created a new landing page and was back to testing various sources and one of those took off!

I have earned € 33K with just this one network (€ 29k profit) since September and am scaling by the week. I have
campaigns running with various other networks but this one is 80% of my income currently.

BTW , I am not a coach or anything like that. Just want to share my story. Keep at it, keep going, keep trying things !.Good luck !!

I am attaching a picture of the payment : 

Very nice,  and good job !

 !! Never give up , I congratulate you

 ?? BTW can you tell us What's the name of the offer you promotion
Very goos results Congratulations, !

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