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Affiliate Manager
Like all of you.
I want my affiliate manager to be professional, that the response time wont be a full day, that can drive me crazy.
I want him to be nice, and at least play like he want to help me and that he is happy about it.Honestly, I am a member in few Affiliate Networks.
In most of them the affiliate manager is not the ideal one, not even close.
The attend to send cool emails, and updates every fucking day. But when I need their help or approval for my creatives It's takes them too long.
 1) I can say a good word about @Mobidea support on Skype, they are fast, know to give the fast answer and the right once and very kind.
 2) Another one that are ok, quick and nice is @Adcombo, sometimes it's feel like they too general in the answers, but I guess that because they are a network.
 But The Best Of All!

3) Is a private affiliate program, I am working with a company that have the best Affiliate Team- from the Affiliate Manager and the Marketing Manager.
Answering on time, from time to time he asks me if everything is good and ok, designs me special creatives if needed and to be honest just being awesome.
I working with him for about 4 months and it's great, feel like we are friend.
It's @Eric hunter from ItsCanadaTime.So that is what I am looking in my affiliate manager.
Freedom Starting Online !

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