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Lead generation through Facebook **
Hey Guys, I want to share with few things about Advertising via Facebook that can help you Smile

Facebook has an interesting reputation when it comes to advertising. Some say this is their best marketing tool while others say it is mo so good. I think it just means that the platform is complicated and those who know to approach it get great results while others waste their budgets. 
When it comes to advertising there is a big difference between Google and Facebook. It is not only the banner sizes and appearance of the advertisement. The main difference is in the targeting options.
 Facebook allows you to target people based on their interests, hobbies, searches, friends, etc. which are not available to Google. So marketing with Facebook is a good idea as long as you know who to target. We will explain targeting in the next following pages.
Chooseing an Objective
This option defines the best result for the campaign and automatically adjusts its’ performance to your chosen objective. HOWEVER, robots are still not there and even at this first initial part I recommend to A/B test with the same campaign running on 2 different objectives.
Generally we want Conversions, however Engagements or Lead Generations might work even for less money so it is up to you to test.
Target Audience
Targeting, targeting and more targeting! This is without doubt the best feature of online marketing, you can choose who sees your advertisements! Age, interests, hobbies, job, family status, economic status, friends, etc. 
Everything you know about the customer archetype was made for this part. It is important to choose precicely your most potential customer archetype in this step. Do not add interests that are slightly suggesting a potential customer. The reason many fail with Facebook is because they target people who are not really ineterested in their offer. Be better than this and target a lower volume with the highest conversion rate!
Displaying your ad
Generally for our offer feeds are good. But you can experiment with the other options.
*Instagram doesn’t work for our offer so don’t waste your budget on promoting there.
For this step it is important to understand that Facebook has a unique budget system that can charge more or less than you told it. So when launching your first campaigns always start from test budgets. 
Even experienced affiliates fail without testing. Actually the really big difference between experienced and unexperienced affiliates is the amounts of testing they do. Beginners jump into the fire, waste their budgets and get upset. Experts test their offers until they know that they are good and only then increase the budgets.
Ad format
You can show an image, slideshow or a video it all depends on your campaign. Know that visual content is there mostly to catch the attention. A good picture with poor content has more chances of bringing traffic than a poor image with great content. Think of this step as the attention grabber while the content of the advertisement is the interest awakener.
Invest in the Details
At the bottom of the ad creation page you can find the Links section that allows to add links and descriptions. As I explained above this is the interest, desire and action grabbing part. This part together with your targeting will influence most of your campaign results. Add a link and add the best description you can including a benefit, fact, headline, offer or all of them if you can!
Keep A/B testing
Campaigns tend to perform less with time, this is why you need to keep editing them in order to get more and better results.
The basic idea behind A/B testing is changing only one part of your campaign and checking how it goes compared to the original campaign. 
This step ensures your campaigns will keep improving and that you will keep learning!

Hope I helped Smile 
Good Luck !
Best Regards , 

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Lead generation through Facebook **00