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Optimizing -Performance Analysis
Performance Analysis

This is the step when you get results, analyze them and improve what needs to be improved. 
Start from analyzing your results
Say your advertisement was shown to 100 people and nobody clicked. – Means your search result presentation or targeting is off. Adjusting one of those should solve it.
Say you had 100 clicks and no leads. – Means your page is not converting or that people expected something else from your advertisement. The solution might include:

1. Adding a price part to your advertisement so people know that you promote a service.
2. Improving the quality of your landing page.
3. Focusing more within your target audience.
Say you sent 100 leads and none converted to sales – Means the leads are not good, usually this happens when the leads expect something we don’t offer, just want to get more free information or don’t have the money to pay for our service.

The solution might include:

1. Changing the advertisement.
2. Adjusting the targeting to our Top Converting Countries and blocking the rest.

Quality > Quantity

This is an important note, it is better to send 50 leads and get 5 sales than send a 1000 and get 10. Think about the cost of each lead and its’ chances to convert into a sale. The better you target, the more chances each of your leads will have to convert for the same budget.
Setting up the Landing Page

An affiliate in general should know at least a bit of code. We are all about loading speed and full control over our campaigns. You don’t want to have unwanted pieces of code or platform restrictions delaying your progress or preventing your traffic from taking action.

Good Luck !! 
Best Regards , 
Nice thanks for the helpg

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