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Thinking outside the box - Crowdfunding platform
Idea ,Hello to the forum members

Note --- I'm already posted it under "New markets are coming " and post it here again because is it the
right category ..

Big Grin So after i understanding the marketing world and being able to make a lot of money from it
I think this is the next thing --- Crowdfunding platform on the internet !!
It's just amazing that so much money in the world goes through the internet, you can offer a unique idea / patent, upload it to a crowdfunding platform and if people liked And believe the idea they would give you % of the stock 
From the idea  / patent

These activities generated over $ 30 million
And according to statistics, its will be  3 times  growth in the coming year

 ! I will keep updating about this niche


Freedom Starting Online !
Cool! I will be researching this topic, thanks for sharing this information!

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Thinking outside the box - Crowdfunding platform51