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Affiliate marketing can be a lonely occupation, sitting at your desk and working away. When you worked for someone else, you had colleagues to talk to, people you could bounce ideas off. As an affiliate marketer, you do not have that support.

Whilst you do not want to be distracted, sometimes it is just good to chat with someone who has the same interests as you do. Using Facebook or other social media will only be a distraction, and you will end up involved in general conversation. You do not need this distraction; it will add nothing to your earnings and just take away your concentration. What you need is a community of people who share the same common interest as you. People, you can bounce ideas off, learn from, and cooperate with. You need Hubanner.

Hubanner is a friendly community where affiliate marketers meet and share opinions, ideas, and useful information. Every single post could potentially give you ideas to help your own business, and but sharing your experiences you can help others too.

Looking at the front page quickly, you can see discussions on getting started, Learn and share, Make money, and Advertising requests. This is just the beginning, and as a member, you could be taking part in all this.

Lots of resources on Hubanner Affiliate Marketing Forum

I wanted to give you an example of the type of post that you find on Hubanner. If I just chose one at random I could be accused of picking and choosing the best posts to show you. So I decided to choose the very latest post that had been posted at the time I am writing this.

The post was from a user called Traveling Affiliate who at the time I wrote this had spent over two hours on the site. He has posted 58 posts, and that works out at around 2 posts a day since he joined. I guess he finds the site useful to have spent that amount of time online today.

So what was traveling Affiliate writing about in his post? He seemed quite happy, having had a crazy success, and he wanted to share information with other members. The main points he had learned were given in the post, together with a printout of the earnings he had made, which he claimed totaled 270,565.10.

Now whether I believe his claims doesn't really matter. Here is a guy involved in affiliate marketing and I can study his technique and decide what I like and what I do not like. Even posts that do not generate a positive feeling we can learn from. By the way, I am not making any judgment of the Traveling Affiliate posting, that is not my purpose. I have not studied what he said enough to do that. I am just trying to say that if you read through forums with an open mind, you can learn a great deal.

There is really so much to read and learn from on Hubanner.

The Affiliate Marketing Forum is Free

One of the best things about Hubanner is that you get access to this community and all it represents for free. If you have been around affiliate marketing for a while you will know that there are lots of sites that try and sell you membership to get access to what Hubanner supplies for free. Not only is it free but becoming a member is not hard either. I tiny form to give your email and username and password and then check your email, click a link and that is it. You get instant membership.

When you consider that the site is so new, it is only a couple of months old, it is remarkable how much content is appearing. Of course, over time there will be continued material being added and it will grow to a substantial resource. Although, having said that, it is sometimes nicer to have a smaller community where you can make contact with a core of people like you.

Anyway, it is a free community that is easy to join and written for/and by people like you.


Friendly Affiliate Marketing Forum

There are some communities that have developed a really hostile atmosphere. Members are constantly attacking each other and any thread soon gets polluted by trolls who just bring the conversation down.

An example is a junior member called Zeeshu who asked a simple question about where he could get good keywords for immigration. Zeeshu received several replies giving him five links to websites that could help him. Not a single negative comment. In another thread, a new member called Debindra Bhattra introduced himself and received six responses.

I have yet to see any hostility or rudeness on this forum. It is a very friendly and inviting community to belong to.

Simple to use the Affiliate Marketing Forum

Some forums are very difficult to master. With it is so easy. If you are in a thread (for example success stories and bragging and you want to add your comments to the thread just scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill out the Quick Response box. Then simply hit the post reply button. There is nothing to it. No complex captures or information to include.

If you decide you want to open your own thread in success stories and bragging then click on the blue button at the top and bottom of the page that says Post Thread. Give your thread a subject and then post your opening comments and then press the post thread button at the bottom of this page and it's done.

It is just so very simple!

I have tried to outline just what a nice clean positive site is. Just how friendly it is and how easy it is for you to join in the conversation with like-minded people. Its a fairly new website and you have the chance to establish yourself at an early stage and help it grow, whilst at the same time picking up useful information or asking other members of the community to share their knowledge.

As an affiliate marketer, you need to focus on your business, but occasionally you need to relax a bit and share a chat with other people just like you. is the ideal place to take that break from work but also to use your time wisely networking with other affiliate marketers.